Projects 2020

PROJEctS for
this year 2020

  • Exhibitions of Camille’s works :
    • Angers, espace Culturel de l’Université : during the festival Premiers plans.

    • Université Catholique de l’Ouest of Angers : exhibition « Pure Colère » and Juba’s fashion show.

    • Angers, Faculté de lettres : exhibition during the Jobs forum for students

    • Segré : exhibition at Bourg-Chevreau High school and at the media library.

    • Wigan, England (twin town with Angers) : exhibition « Pure Colère ».

    • Montignac-Lascaux : collective exhibition at Clic Clac festival.

    • Soon to be confirmed : exhibition in Saintes, MAP festival in Toulouse, Singapore…

  • Bergson high school : The ESC preparatory class 2019/2021 is named Camille Lepage.
  • A street will be named Camille Lepage in Angers in 2020.
  • The Camille Lepage award will be again given in partnership with the SAIF at Visa Pour L’Image festival in Perpignan.
  • BarrObjectif festival : exhibition of Thomas Morel-Fort, laureate of the 2019 Camille Lepage award in Perpignan.
  • Continuation of talks and exhibitions with schools and high schools : many solicitations.