Projects 2021

PROJEctS for
this year 2021

  • More exhibitions of Camille’s work :

    o “David d´Angers highschool” from 7th of March to 2nd of April “Pure colère” and « fashion show » in Juba.

    o “Clic-Clac” Festival in Montignac-Lascaux from 1st of May to 9th of May, group exhibition – postponed in 2020.

    o Exhibition at the “Imag’in Art” gallery in Saintes from 10th of May to 4th of July.

    o « Bourg Chevreau High School » and « Médiathèque de Segré » (Maine-et-Loire): “Pure colère” exhibition scheduled for January 2021, postponed to the second half of 2021.

    o Photographic festival at the “Atout-Sud” shopping center in Rezé, near Nantes, scheduled for early 2021, postponed to September – This year, it will be a collective exhibition dedicated to women photographers.

  • A street should be dedicated to Camille in Angers maybe this year.

  • The “Camille Lepage award” will take place again this year at Visa pour Image in Perpignan in partnership with the SAIF.

  • BarreObjectif festival : cancellation of the festival in 2020, exhibition of Thomas Morel-Fort in 2021, winner of the 2019 Camille Lepage prize – Visa pourimage in Perpignan and Olivier Jobard, winner of the 2020 edition.

  • Pursuit of exchanges / exhibitions with middle and high schools : still in request (Jean Renoir in Angers, CCI Training Center of Maine et Loire).