Projects 2023

this year 2023

• More exhibitions of Camille’s work :

– “In the name of women”: exhibition in January at the Domitys senior residence, then at the center of Angers (place du Ralliement),

– Other exhibitions in progress for the2nd semester, including a retrospective at the Dytivon Gallery (with a catalogue)

• The “Camille Lepage” Prize will take place again this year at Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan in partnership with the SAIF

“BarrObjectif” : exhibition in September of Rebecca Conway, winner of the Camille Lepage Prize 2022 – Visa pour l’image in Perpignan

 • Continuation of exchanges/exhibitions with colleges and high schools : all or punctual solicitations during the year

• Street projects in the name of Camille : Angers, Saintes Gemmes sur Loire, Seiches sur le Loir, Ecouflant (exhibition planned rather in 2024) .