Projects 2024

this year 2024

  • Still exhibitions of Camille’s work:

Two major events in tribute to Camille who died 10 years ago, on May 12, 2014, in the Central African Republic

      o Grand Théâtre d’Angers: exhibition of 70 new prints by Camille from April 18 to May 12 – screening of the film “Camille” aux 400 coups, date to be defined.

      o Ecouflant: permanent outdoor exhibition: inauguration on May 31 in Provins – screening of the film “Camille” at the Vallon des Arts, in the evening,

      o Ecouflant temporary exhibition by Camille “We are together” at the Grange from June 8 to 16,


      o MROF, (Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation): tribute to Camille during the “Arles meetings” in July: poster and exhibition,


      o Other exhibitions being implemented for the 2nd semester, including a retrospective at the Dytivon gallery (with a catalog).


  • April 3: Lycée Saint-Benoît: screenings of the films “Camille” and “bigger than us” for the 400 final year students with debate (themes to be defined: environment and ecology, commitment and hope, witnesses for tomorrow, etc.), in the Camille amphitheater The page.


  • Charity gala at Montgazon high school on April 12 organized by the ALYPA association (Association LYcéenne pour PAnzi), created in 2018 by students from Mongazon high school whose aim is to support the Panzi hospital, working for women victims of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo: one-off exhibition by Camille for this event.


  • The “Camille Lepage” Prize will take place again this year at Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan in partnership with the SAIF.


  • BarrObjectif : exhibition in September of Cinzia Canneri, winner of the Camille Lepage Prize 2023 – Visa pour l’image in Perpignan.


  • Street projects in the name of Camille: Angers, Saintes Gemmes sur Loire, Seiches sur le Loir, Ecouflant (exhibition planned rather in 2024) .