“Camille Lepage – On est ensemble”

Purpose. The purpose of the Association is to:
Continue the commitment and values of photojournalist Camille Lepage, killed at 26 during a report in the Central African Republic.
Camille Lepage’s mission was to transmit to the world, through his photos, information on the living conditions of people in great suffering and living in countries in conflict with little or no media coverage

The association’s main objectives are to:

  • Promote the commitment and photographic works of Camille Lepage by various means: exhibitions, conferences, books, website and any other action appropriate to this promotion
  • Ensure the management and safeguarding of his photographic work
  • To participate in the support of these populations by any means appropriate to the solicitations, in the respect of the commitment of Camille Lepage
  • Participate in raising awareness among young journalists of the security conditions to know and respect during their missions in conflict zones
  • Support photojournalists to carry out their projects of reports in countries in conflict while having the will to testify about the living conditions of the populations concerned by the implementation of award-winning photographic contests, by granting grants or bursaries, by granting one-off assistance, etc. according to the financial possibilities of the association
  • Foster a strong bond between the members of the association and a conviviality in the spirit that animated Camille Lepage
  • Make every effort to raise funds to enable the association to wait for its objectives and to sustain its operations.
  • Composition of the Board: these are the founding members of the association
  • Chair: Maryvonne Lepage, Camille’s mom
  • Secretary: Guy Lepage, Camille’s dad
  • Treasurer: Adrien Lepage, her brother


The association was created on 20 September 2014 and registered by the State services on 25 September 2014 under the reference: W491014119



  • Tel : Maryvonne Lepage : +336 84 81 97 28
  • Adress : 15 rue Saint Aignan 49100 Angers – France


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