General assembly of the association

General assembly of the association Contactez-nous

The General Assembly of March 25, 2023 took place face-to-face at the association’s headquarters in Angers but also by videoconference, in order to allow members outside Angers to participate.

Many participants present and in video, rich exchanges and in a very pleasant and constructive atmosphere.

Presentation of the actions carried out in 2022 and the projects for 2023 – see the details on the site in the “Association” tab

Main decisions taken:

  • Discharge to the treasurer on the 2022 accounts,
  • Aid and support from the association: validation of a donation envelope of €2,000 for 2023, independently of an exceptional donation of €1,000 to RSF for the installation of its “Africa” office in Mali
  • 2023 contribution: maintained at €20 as in previous years