General assembly of the association

General assembly of the association Contactez-nous

The General Assembly of March 16, 2024 took place in person at the association’s headquarters in Angers but also by videoconference, in order to allow members outside Angers to participate.

Many participants present and by videoconference, rich exchanges and in a very pleasant and constructive atmosphere.

Presentation of actions carried out in 2023 and projects for 2024 – see details on the site in the “Association” tab

Main decisions taken:

  • Discharge to the treasurer on the 2023 accounts,
  • Aid and support from the association: validation of a donation envelope of €2,000 for 2024,
  • 2024 contribution: maintained at €20 as in past years
  • May 12, 2024: 10 years since Camille left us: events in tribute to Camille are planned:

            o At the Grand Théâtre d’Angers: “HOMMAGE” exhibition of 70 unpublished photographs, unveiling of a plaque for the street “Camille Lepage”, film “Camille” screened at the “400 coups” cinema in the presence of Boris Lojkine, director – creation of a “HOMMAGE” catalog

            o At Ecouflant: a permanent and outdoor exhibition in Provins, a temporary exhibition in June at the Grange, screening of the film “Camille” also.

            o At Marrakech: “fragile poetry” exhibition by Leila Alaoui and Camille Lepage, in May, with the Leila Alaoui foundation.